About me me

I grew up with my two brothers and parents on a 2200 acre farm in southern New South Wales (Australia) and each day was a myriad of sights, sounds and smells. The big skies and the smell of the summer grasses still stay with me today and I don’t miss many opportunities to head back out bush. It was the best upbringing anyone could ask for. Harvesting wheat and rice, working with cattle and sheep and having all the space a kid could ever want to run wild… I am fortunate I still get to travel back to this land, smell the grasses and watch the incredible sunsets that unfold (whilst enjoying a glass of wine). I am married to an amazing man and currently live in beautiful, beachside Kingscliff in Northern New South Wales.

I have been creative most of my life and painted on and off for years. It has only been in the past years that I have found the passion rising in me again to put brush to canvas and create. There were days when the creative juices weren’t flowing and days when a masterpiece was done in 30 minutes… whatever it’s been, it’s been the single thing that has taken me to places in my mind like nothing else. When I am painting I don’t think of anything else, totally engrossed in the canvas in front of me and the paints on the table.

I don’t really have a theme as some artists do, but whatever I paint, I paint with COLOUR. I also must have some form of MOVEMENT in the artwork. I love colour and it forms a huge part of each and every day. I love the impact colour creates on the canvas, the mood it sets, the places it takes you, the healing it provides. There is nothing better than sitting in a quiet space with a low table lamp on, reflecting on the painting on the wall behind… it just sets a mood and a point in time. That’s also not to say I don’t love the big, colourful, uplifting, in your face painting that looks amazing on a big white wall in a modern home.

My art is inspired by my experiences growing up in the country - amazing sunsets, big skies and long horizons

People have told me that my art makes them happy, that it’s interesting, a bit out there and colourful… that’s terrific. I love hearing things like that. As I said I don’t have a theme, it depends on the mood I am in or an idea that comes to my mind. I tried oils (but never watercolour) and am most happy making a mess in the studio with acrylics. Trying new ways of creating movement across the canvas.

I love painting on big canvases. I don’t paint small ones. I find I can’t get the impact I want from smaller paintings… must be something about growing up with lots and lots of space around me.

That’s about it for me. Email me, Instagram me, Facebook me, ( see links above )most of all do what makes your heart sing… you’ve only got one life, so use it well.

Cheers Gray